Putting is a game within a game, one that few truly master. It’s where three feet can feel like three miles and good days and bad days are separated by inches. Where muscle strength doesn’t matter but mental strength does. Odyssey knows big tee shots might turn heads but victory is claimed on the green.

Odyssey White Ice Putters

odyssey_1The multi-layer insert has been fine-tuned to enhance sound, responsiveness, resiliency and consistency. The inner core is 19.6% firmer to enhance the feel and 92% stiffer for better resiliency, leading to consistent distance control.

Black Series Putters

odyssey_2Precisely crafted pieces of art, each Black Series Tour Designs putter is milled of 1025 carbon steel for the soft feel demanded by the best players in the world. Urethane-dampening layer is subtly placed between the putter head and the tungsten flange, which enhances the soft feel off the face.