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  • $269.99

    Callaway Men’s Apex 19 Hybrid


    • With the 2019 Apex 19 hybrid, Callaway brings their revolutionary Jailbreak Technology to a players’ hybrid.
    • Jailbreak Technology uses two internal bars to connect the crown and sole, stiffening the body to promote faster ball speed and distance all across the face.
    • A forged 455 Carpenter steel face combined with signature Face Cup technology provides faster ball speeds all over the club face.
    • Apex 19 hybrids are designed with a neutral bias for controlled ball flight and workability as well as maintaining the spin characteristics of a long iron.
    • The compact Apex shape and classic dark PVD finish give this golf club a sleek look and features a premium Temper Catalyst shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip.
    • Callaway Apex 19 hybrids are designed for better golfers who want the spin, control, and workability of a long iron with the speed and distance of an easier-to-hit hybrid.
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    The First Hybrid with Jailbreak Distance Technology: The synergy of Jailbreak and Face Cup technology makes this our most powerful hybrid ever.

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    A Total Distance Overhaul. Lighter weights, stronger lofts and a larger clubhead that’s designed for maximum distance.

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    Cleveland Men’s Launcher HB Hybrid

    Designed To Launch It High And Hit It Straight

    It has been a few years since Cleveland released new woods and irons, but the company has an extensive history of creating popular products in both categories. With its new Launcher HB line of golf clubs, Cleveland is hoping to bring the recreational golfer a better combination of performance and simplicity with a focus on higher launch, straighter shots, and more forgiveness. In terms of the new Launcher HB hybrids, they feature a bonded hosel design, which engineers opted to utilize for performance purposes. The weight saved as opposed to potentially using an adjustable hosel enables significant weight to be repositioned low and deep in the clubhead to increase launch conditions and enhance stability at impact. Also helping create a low, deep CG placement is the use of Cleveland’s highly successful HiBore crown, which also saves weight. Additionally, however, the crown compresses and decompresses during impact to help improve ball speed. Cleveland also has implemented Cup Face technology to improve ball speed from across the face, and Flex-Fin technology on the sole of the club aids in protecting ball speed on off-center hits. Launcher HB hybrids are available in lofts of 19, 22, and 25 degrees and come with the Miyazaki C Kua 60 graphite shaft, which offers players a high-launch, mid-spin profile.

    Cleveland Men’s Launcher HB Hybrid features:

    • Stock Shaft: Miyazaki C Kua 60 graphite
    • Shaft Flexes: Senior, Regular, Stiff
    • Stock Grip: Cleveland Blue Cap by Lamkin
    • Lofts: 19, 22, and 25 degrees
    • Swing Weight: D2
    • Lightweight, bonded hosel enables weight to be repositioned to improve launch and forgiveness
    • HiBore Crown helps in achieving a low, deep CG position
    • Flex-Fin technology provides ball speed protection for shots hit from the heel or toe
    • Cup Face technology enhances ball speed from all impact locations
    • Available in right- and left-handed models
    • Includes headcover
  • $249.99

    With an eight-way adjustable hosel, the CLK hybrid can be precisely set to fill the distance gap between your longest iron and shortest fairway wood. Whether you are a better player with higher swing speeds or someone looking to replace the majority of your long irons – all can benefit from the increased ball speeds, playability and ease of launch from all conditions and lies.

  • $249.99

    PING Men’s G410 Hybrid


    • The PING G410 hybrids are designed to be versatile, faster, and long all over the golf course in a package that is easier to hit than long irons.
    • Multi-material construction features a maraging steel face and a stainless steel head to increase ball speed while using a high-density tungsten back weight for increaser forgiveness.
    • A forged steel face is made of high-strength maraging steel, allowing for a thinner face to increase ball speed and distance.
    • An eight-lobe trajectory tuning hosel lets you adjust the lie +/-1.5° as well as choose neutral or flatter lie angles for truly personalized performance.
    • PING G410 hybrids are ideal for all golfers, designed to be more forgiving, longer, and easier to hit than long irons.
  • $229.99

    PING Men’s G410 Crossover Hybrid Iron


    • The PING G410 crossover hybrid irons are designed to be a long game option for golfers who prefer the look of an iron.
    • Multi-material construction uses a high-strength maraging steel face attached to a stainless steel body for maximum launch and ball speed.
    • A tungsten toe weight adds perimeter weighting to increase stability and forgiveness.
    • A unique internal rib structure stiffens the body of the club to ensure solid feel and sound.
    • PING G410 crossover hybrid irons are an ideal long game option for golfers who want more distance and forgiveness but prefer the look of their irons.
  • $229.99

    Srixon Men’s Z H85 Hybrid


    • The Srixon Z H85 is Srixon’s most advanced hybrid yet.
    • Advanced crown step geometry promotes consistent distance with increased distance and a lower center of gravity.
    • A larger profile inspires confidence at address, preparing you to hit accurate shots into the greens and longer shots from the tee.
    • The H85 hybrid is ideal for all golfers who want to be more consistent in their long game with a larger, more forgiving profile.
  • $249.99

    TaylorMade Men’s M6 Rescue


    • The TaylorMade M6 rescue is the first club of its kind to feature Twist Face for a longer, more accurate rescue.
    • Twist Face Technology is a revolutionary face curvature designed to reduce side spin and correct the face angle on off-center hits to deliver straighter shots off the tee.
    • Steel body construction features a stepped crown for a lower center of gravity and easier alignment.
    • A thin, fast face improves ball speed and increase overall distance.
    • The advanced Speed Pocket design is more flexible to protect ball speed on off-center strikes, especially low on the face.
    • A new TPU slot insert sits more flush with the surface for improved turf interaction.
    • TaylorMade’s M6 Rescue is ideal for golfers who want the distance and accuracy benefits of M6 but need a little help correcting a slice.