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  • $159.99

    Callaway Men’s MD5 Jaws Tour Grey Wedge


    • New Jaws groove design uses an extremely sharp edge radius to generate more spin and precise control
    • Signature Groove-in-Groove Technology features micro-positive surface texture with radius grooves raised off the face for more grip and maximum spin
    • Four sole grinds to fit every type of swing and turf: C-Grind, S-Grind, W-Grind, and X-Grind
      • New low-bounce W-Grind in the 58° and 60° wedges are more payable around the green with sole taper and heel relief
      • Updated C-Grind with reduced bounce, a wider middle section, and more heel relief
    • Soft carbon steel construction, precise CG locations, and crisp turf interaction delivers a satisfying feel
    • Optimized head shape progression with traditional-shaped higher-lofted wedges to more compact player-preferred shapes in the lower-lofted wedges to better fit your iron set
    • Stock shaft: True Temper Tour Issue 115 steel, Project X Catalyst 80 graphite
    • Stock grip: Lamkin UTX
  • $149.99

    PING Glide 3.0 Wedge


    • Improved lighter overall weight improves feel and control in the short game
    • Deep, sharp grooves promote higher spin for more friction, improved spin, and trajectory control
    • Three sole grind options
      • Standard Sole is a mid-bounce option with heel and trailing-edge relief, made for golfers with a moderate angle of attack and performance on a variety of turf conditions
      • Wide Sole has significant bounce with a round and cambered sole, made for golfers with a steep angle of attack who play on soft turf conditions
      • Thin Sole is similar to the Standard with 3° less bounce for precision from difficult lies, ideal for firm turf and shallow angles of attack
    • New Dylawedge grip is lighter, weighing 52 grams, and is 3/4″ longer than a standard grip with reduced taper so golfers can grip down for versatility and control around the green
    • New PING Z-Z115 shaft made by Nippon is lighter at 115 grams and features a lower balance point so golfers feel the head through the swing for more control and versatility
    • Constructed from soft 431 stainless steel
    • Rounded head profile, tapered hosel, and more offset provides a clean look at captures the ball at address
    • Elastomer insert on the back delivers a softer feel at impact
    • HydroPearl Chrome 2.0 finish repels moisture and reduces friction through the turf
  • $199.99


    • PING introduces the Glide Forged wedges, a new design that is classic and pure for incredible feel.
    • Glide Forged wedges are forged from 8620 carbon steel to deliver unprecedented soft feel while including a semi-concealed tungsten toe weight to boost forgiveness.
    • The compact shape is Tour-inspired for expert level shot-making control and versatility like when you need to open the face with a low leading edge.
    • Wheel-cut grooves and a CNC-machined club face deliver lower launch and higher spin as the grooves grab the ball to prevent it from sliding up the face.
    • The grind plays between a thin sole and standard sole with a more rounded leading edge, more heel-toe camber, and 2° less bounce than the standard sole for optimal turf interaction on all types of wedge shots.
    • A gooseneck tapered hosel aids in a smooth transition through grass and sand while providing a captured look down by the ball.
    • Ping’s Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish repels water for more consistency shots from rough and wet grass while resisting scratches and wear.
  • $169.99


    • TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe wedges are designed to get the best performance on shots around the green.
    • ZTP-17 grooves feature steeper sidewalls, machined for maximum spin.
    • The expanded toe area along with full-face scoring lines deliver spin all across the club face
    • The high bounce leading edge with a concave sole grind provides the versatility you need around the green and from tight lies.
    • Three cavities in the back of the sole balances out the weight added to the top of the club.
    • TaylorMade Hi-Toe wedges are ideal for golfers who want to get creative around the greens with their shot-making skills.
  • $149.99

    TaylorMade Milled Grind Chrome Wedges

    Design Precision, On-Course Performance

    In creating its new Milled Grind wedge line, TaylorMade relied heavily on feedback from its deep and talented stable of touring professionals. One of the primary goals was to deliver consistency in every wedge in terms of its shaping, sole grind, and edges. To accomplish that, each wedge is individually milled using specialized machinery to ensure the highest quality. From a performance standpoint, new ZTP-17 grooves are creating maximum spin, and the steeper sidewalls of the grooves, along with a strategically placed CG position, are keeping spin rates high while reducing launch angles to give players ultimate control. Making the CG placement possible is a deeper bore design, as 10 grams of weight was saved, making the center of gravity adjustment possible. Milled Grind wedges also have been constructed using soft 8620 Carbon Steel to provide players with exceptional feel on full shots and shots played from around the green. Additionally, three different grinds are being offered to meet the needs of all golfers. Low-bounce (LB) models have been designed for players with shallow angles of attack and to excel from firmer turf and sand conditions, while high bounce (HB) models will be a great option for players with steeper angles of attack and when playing at courses with softer turf and sand. Standard bounce (SB) models, meanwhile, will fit golfers with more neutral swings and work well from most turf and sand conditions. TaylorMade Milled Grind wedges come in lofts ranging from 50-60 degrees and with a Satin Nickel Chrome finish. The stock shaft is the True Temper Dynamic Gold, and the stock grip is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360.

  • $149.99


    • Titleist SM7 wedges take the previous model’s performance to another level for 2018.
    • The progressive center of gravity has been even better aligned with the impact point based on loft to create better feel and control.
    • Six sole grinds are designed to fit every type of swing, turf condition, and shot-making style.
    • The all-new D Grind is called the “player’s high bounce” design, combining the shape of the M with more effective bounce.
    • Every groove on every wedge is closely inspected to meet Titleist’s strict tolerances.
    • SM7 wedges are ideal for every golfer thanks to 23 combinations of loft, grind, and bounce to fit every type of swing and course condition.