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Taylor Page

Q – What age did you start playing golf?

A – I started playing golf with my dad around the age of four. At sixteen I started my first job as a cart kid at Hickory Ridge Country Club and really fell in love with playing golf and working on my game.

Q – When you we’re growing up, who is the golfer you most admired?

A – It has to be Tiger. He was so much fun to watch in his prime. His control over his ball flight was unbelievable and his short game was second to none. I loved the way the crowd always backed him up. The energy around him was electrifying and still is to this day.

Q – Who would you choose to play in your dream foursome?

A – My dad would be number one. The other two would be Jack and Tiger, both 27 years old. Seeing those two guys in their prime would be something special.

Q – What is your favorite movie?

A – Goodfellas. I love those classic Italian gangster movies.

Q – What is your favorite golf course that you’ve played?

A – In time, I hope this answer becomes a bit more worldly. But up to date, I would say Monroe Golf Club in Rochester, NY is my favorite. The terrain is beautifully undulating and each hole is framed by deep fairway bunkers that make it visually stunning from every tee box.

Q – What is your favorite non-golfing activity?

A – I have a lot of hobbies outside of golf, mostly outdoors related. It’s a close battle between snowboarding and mountain biking. We’ll go with snowboarding because it’s unlike any other sport that I’ve done. Being on the top of a mountain with no predetermined path to get down presents a feeling of freedom and creativity that is hard to replicate with anything else.

Q – What is the strongest part of your golf game?

A – I feel like the answer to this one changes on a daily basis. In the end, I’d say my most consistent strength is my short iron and wedge game.

Q – What is your favorite food?

A – Anything containing pasta and seafood will do just fine.

Q – What is one piece of advice you would offer new players?

A – Practice the parts of the game that you struggle with, rather than repeating the things that you’re good at. Not to say you shouldn’t practice everything, but many players including myself like to practice their strengths because it makes you feel good. Your scores will show faster improvement if you spend time working on your weaknesses. If you tend to drive the ball well, hit twice as many wedges on the range as drivers!

Q – If you weren’t a golf pro, what would you be doing?

A – I’d be working another job, but still thinking about golf.

Sam Fredricsen

Q – When did you start playing golf?

A – My Grandfather first taught to play when I around 5 years old at Horsham Downs Golf Club in Hamilton, New Zealand. I played a bunch of sports growing up and picked up golf again in my teens and early 20’s.

Q – If you could only play one more round of golf, what course would you play?

A – Probably Augusta National, hard to compete with the history not to mention the pristine layout.

Q – If you were on the PGA Tour, what tournament would you most desire to win?

A – The Open Championship, for me it is the ultimate test in golf.

Q – What is one piece of advice you would give to your 10 year old self?

A – Talk less, listen more

Q – What would be your ideal golfing foursome?

A – Tiger, Seve, TJ Buck from Pennfair Golf (he’s the best!)

Q – What’s the coldest weather you would play golf in?

A – So long as there isn’t any snow on the ground, I’m good to go!

Q – What’s your favorite club in the bag?

A – Bettinardi Arm Lock Putter

Q – What’s the strongest part of your game?

A – Probably my mental approach, I try to stay fairly level headed throughout a round of golf. Ball striking, chipping and putting all comes and goes, ultimately the only thing you can ALWAYS control in this sport is yourself.

Q – Which professional golfer inspired you the most as a child?

A – The obvious answer is Tiger Woods, I was 12 when he won the Masters in 1997 and was amazed that someone could be that much better than every other golfer on the planet. Beyond that, growing up in New Zealand you always cheered for the New Zealand guys. Watching Michael Campbell win the US Open in 2005 was a highlight and massive boost for the sport in New Zealand.

Q – What is your number one goal as a Professional Golfer?

A – Maximize my potential and cash checks!

T.J. Buck

Q – What got you started playing golf?

A –

Q – Have you ever played golf outside the U.S.?

A –

Q – Aside from golf, what is your favorite sport to play?

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Q – What is your favorite restaurant in Rochester?

A –

Q – Who has the best swing on tour in your opinion?

A –

Q – What is the strongest part of your golf game?

A –

Q – If you could own one dream car, what would it be?

A –

Q – What U.S. state would you like to visit most?

A –

Q – How far is the longest drive you’ve seen in person and where?

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Q – What is the one piece of advice you would give to a young aspiring golfer?

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